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PPro Supports SPEAR

SPEAR, the undergraduate organization named Students for Prison Education and Reform, has in the past held multi-day conferences which PPro has been happy to support. Now they are sending postcards to New Jersey legislators, urging support for legislation that would provide felons, even those currently incarcerated, with the right to vote; and PPro is proud to have supported this effort as well.

Election Night with PPro

Pictures from this highly successful event are here.

PPro sends College Democrats to campaign in Florida

From left to right in the photo are Shafaq Khan '21, Nalanda Sharadjaya '21, Rep. Stephanie Murphy, Celia Buchband '22, Brent Kibbey '21, Ben Parker '20, Paul Horvath '20, and Sullivan Hughes '21. Their report is here.

The Princeton Conservation Society documentary is finished

The undergraduate members of the Princeton Conservation Society (see the notice below), whom you helped to send to Yellowstone National Park and the American Prairie Reserve in Montana at the end of the last school year, have completed their promised documentary. It is a fascinating 20-minute overview of their trip, and is available here.

Undergraduates work on 2018 elections

PPro's summer campaign of soliciting donations to enable our support of undergraduates' work on the 2018 elections has been successful, and we can now begin to report on students' plans. We will be sending seven students to the Orlando area of Florida during fall break, the last few days in October, to work for Andrew Gillum for Governor, Bill Nelson for Senator, and Stephanie Murphy for Congress. We are expecting more requests from students for assistance. So thanks for your support so far, and you can still donate, if you haven't done so already, by clicking here.

PPro hosts an Election Night watch party!

See the details, and sign up, in the Events section at the right of this page. Thanks, and see you then!

The Princeton Conservation Society in Montana

From May 29 through June 2, 2018, members of Princeton Conservation Society (a student group founded in 2015) traveled to Yellowstone National Park and American Prairie Reserve in Montana to learn about and participate in environmental conservation efforts. The students are making a documentary of the trip (which was partially funded by PPro) that will be available later this year. A report of the trip, submitted by Noah Mihan '19, can be found here.

Reunions 2018

PPro sponsored, in coordination with the Princeton College Democrats, a panel entitled The #MeToo Movement on Campus on Friday afternoon at Terrace Club. It featured Jacqueline Deitch-Stackhouse (Director of the SHARE [Sexual Harassment/Assault, Advising, Resources & Education] Office), and Landon Funk '15 (Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Funky Feminist, along with Amanda Glatt '19, Madeleine Le Cesne '19, Amanda Eisenhour '21, and Sergio Cruz '18. The very informative and inspiring panel was enthusiastically received.

The panel was followed by our traditional social mixer upstairs at Terrace Club. Along with light food, drinks, and companionship, a special surprise was (a replica of) the "Even Princeton" banner carried by Barry Peters '68 at that year's civil rights march in Washington.

At least one member of PPro once again wore a pussyhat in the P-rade. It didn't get much exposure, though, thanks to the storm that essentially broke up the P-rade very shortly after it had gotten started.

PYDS and Campus Workers

PPro is happy to support the Princeton Young Democratic Socialists in their support of campus workers' grievances against the University over working conditions. Here is their document:

A group of us from Princeton Young Democratic Socialists are working to raise awareness around grievances that campus workers have leveled against the University and management. We hope that the Princeton Progressive can help! As you well know, labor issues are something that concern the leftist community everywhere.

Have you heard that campus workers were “packed into Frist basement like sardines” during one of last year’s snowstorms and the the University refused overtime pay for all of their hours worked?

Or perhaps you’ve spoken to workers in Frist about how many workers at Princeton have to work 1-3 additional jobs outside of Princeton to make ends meet.

If you care about the workers in Dining Services, Facilities, and more who make it possible for us to live at Princeton, join Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton in supporting campus workers as they renegotiate their contract this summer to get better pay, adequate housing during extreme weather, fairer treatment from management, and better protection from racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Please sign and share our petition to your listserv. Additionally, here is a link to a PDF of the more detailed grievance report that will be sent to President Eisgruber, the Board of Trustees, and the Office of the Provost. If you have any questions, please let us know directly.

Students started labor solidarity work in the early 2000s with WROC (Workers Rights Organizing Committee). YDS revived this work in Spring 2017, when we marched to support workers after the University gave them undignified housing and failed to pay all workers overtime.

In anticipation of contract renegotiations this summer, YDS organized a Town Hall on May 9th in which SEIU Local 175 employees publicly shared their grievances and called on the university to do better by them. We wrote this petition to consolidate, document, and amplify their grievances.

Téa Wimer
Princeton YDS Worker’s Rights Committee Member

March for Science

A group of undergraduates attended the March for Science in Washington, DC on 14 April 2018. Their report, with pictures, is here.

Candidates for Public Office

Our candidates page, listing candidates in the 2018 elections who share our progressive values, is now available here. If you are aware of other Princetonians who meet these criteria and are now listed here, please let us know via the contact link here.

Working People's Day of Action

Members of PPro participated in the Working People's Day of Action march in Foley Square at 11am on Saturday 24 February. More information is here.

PPro's 2018 Annual Meeting

PPro held its highly successful 2018 annual meeting on Wednesday, 21 February 2018. The discussion focused on the key issue of increasing our focus on effecting progressive changes, both on and off campus. Intertwined here are, of course, increasing our membership, and improving our fund-raising ability. We will be making decisions in the future about expanding our current Princeton-centric focus, with the idea that doing so might help with the issues just mentioned. We've created a document outlining some of these possibilities, available for download here.

Our 2017 Head in the Sand award was given to Andrew Napolitano '72. Read more about this award here.

Attendees (in approximate L-R order): Michael Southwell '60, Jason Gold '81, Sandy Harrison '74, Bernard Grossman '76, Alisa Matlovsky '76, Monica Dweck '76, Paul Hechinger '83, Richard Lipkin '83, Jordan Becker '82, Ruth Singleton '82, Noemi de la Puente *86, Chris Brandt '65, Jean Taylor *73, Stephen Teich '62, Marcus Tye '90, Wendell Lancaster & Pat Irvin '76, John Oakes '83

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Please consider becoming a member of PPro, or donating to us. Membership fees and donations are our only sources for funds to support the many requests that student groups make of us. It's easy to do, and we think very reasonable; simply click here to join, or here to donate. Thanks in advance!

Activism Opportunities

Listed here are opportunities for Princetonians of a progressive persuasion to participate in important public activities. These are not PPro events.

PPro Pussyhats

We originally were selling these to be worn in the 2017 Reunions P-rade, which was successful and caused a big and favorable commotion among the spectators when those wearing the hats passed by. But you can still order one for ongoing use, here. Then PLEASE notify us by email by clicking here that you have done so, and your hat will be sent out immediately.

Publications by Princetonians

Our ongoing feature, Publications by Princetonians, features published documents by Princetonians who share our progressive values. Find it here.

PPro is happy to support the efforts of the ReachOut Mentorship Program to identify mentors for current Princeton students who are social entrepreneurs. ROMP is a program of four month (renewable) mentorships, where alumni guide groups of students who are starting socially relevant enterprises. Mentors commit to at least one hour per month of mentoring, by phone, video, or in person. Students welcome and benefit from this guidance, and can make more progress with this help.

To learn more about ROMP, watch video created by the students here. You can enroll as a mentor here.

PPro is happy to publicize the Class of 1978 Foundation's support of current undergraduate or graduate students' community service projects. More information, along with a link to the application form, is here.


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