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Pussyhats at Reunions 2018

Some members of PPro will once again be wearing pussyhats in the P-rade at Reunions 2018. Please join us! If you need one of our pussyhats, look lower down on the right side of this page, and follow the directions there. Alternatively, come to our Reunions social mixer on Friday 1 June, from 4:30 to approximately 6:30, in the Terrace Club upstairs library, where they will be available.

March for Science

A group of undergraduates attended the March for Science in Washington, DC on 14 April 2018. Their report, with pictures, is here.

Candidates for Public Office

Our candidates page, listing candidates in the 2018 elections who share our progressive values, is now available here. If you are aware of other Princetonians who meet these criteria and are now listed here, please let us know via the contact link here.

Working People's Day of Action

Members of PPro participated in the Working People's Day of Action march in Foley Square at 11am on Saturday 24 February. More information is here.

PPro's 2018 Annual Meeting

PPro held its highly successful 2018 annual meeting on Wednesday, 21 February 2018. The discussion focused on the key issue of increasing our focus on effecting progressive changes, both on and off campus. Intertwined here are, of course, increasing our membership, and improving our fund-raising ability. We will be making decisions in the future about expanding our current Princeton-centric focus, with the idea that doing so might help with the issues just mentioned. We've created a document outlining some of these possibilities, available for download here.

Our 2017 Head in the Sand award was given to Andrew Napolitano '72. Read more about this award here.

Attendees (in approximate L-R order): Michael Southwell '60, Jason Gold '81, Sandy Harrison '74, Bernard Grossman '76, Alisa Matlovsky '76, Monica Dweck '76, Paul Hechinger '83, Richard Lipkin '83, Jordan Becker '82, Ruth Singleton '82, Noemi de la Puente *86, Chris Brandt '65, Jean Taylor *73, Stephen Teich '62, Marcus Tye '90, Wendell Lancaster & Pat Irvin '76, John Oakes '83

Signer fundraiser a great success!

On Tuesday, 5 December 2017, PPro hosted a fundraiser with Michael Signer '95, who is the mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, and a Virginia Democratic Party activist who worked on Barack Obama's State Department Transition Team. He is the author of the recent Becoming Madison. He spoke on "The Case for (Cautious) Optimism from Virginia." A report with pictures is here.

Tigers Support DACA

PPro member Noemi de la Puente supported the DACA Day of Action on Friday 10 November by Princeton Advocates for Justice, along with some of its members who are shown here.

Campaigning in Virginia

Five students belonging to Princeton College Democrats campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam in northern Virginia from October 29-31 (including travel time from and back to Princeton) with financial support from PPro. Those students were: Amanda Eisenhour '21, Shafaq Khan '21, Sebastian Quiroz '20, Sullivan Hughes '21, and Jeremy Nelson '20 (left to right in first picture below, with Mac Odell '62).

Jeremy Nelson '20 describes the trip as follows:

I wanted to fill you in on how our trip turned out over the last few days. We had a great time knocking doors, speaking to voters, and recruiting GOTV volunteers in Sterling, Virginia, and Arlington, Virginia. We braved the remnants of the nor'easter on Sunday to win Democratic votes! We knocked hundreds of doors and finished each night by making phone calls.

Attached are some pictures of our excursions. In the first one, taken at the Arlington office, Malcolm "Mac" Odell Class of '62 is centered. He just happened to be volunteering and ran into us! We enjoyed getting to know him and hearing about his career in sustainable international agriculture. Also in that picture is our full team of five Princeton students.

Not only did we push the Northam campaign closer to victory, we also made an impression on the Virginia organizers. They were impressed that we came from New Jersey to help, so we put a bit more shine on Princeton's name in their eyes. One organizer, Matthew Butler, gave out his contact information and told us to call him when we are looking for work.

We are immensely grateful for your sponsorship of our trip. We learned about Virginia politics and campaigning in general, while being inspired by the virtuous quotes inscribed on the Lincoln Memorial and Mac's stories of New Hampshire victories. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your assistance and enthusiasm, and we look forward to working together again soon.

Sentenced to Prison: One Man's Story and the Uncovered History of Prison Experimentation

[poster]For many years during the 20th century, individuals at prisons and asylums were exploited by medical researchers. In an enlightening talk, Allen Hornblum, a criminal justice expert and author of Acres of Skin, and Yusef Anthony, a formerly incarcerated man who was repeatedly subjected to medical experimentation, presented this sordid history and took questions on this once widespread and disturbing American practice. The event was held on Tuesday, October 17 at 4:30 p.m. in Betts Auditorium 101 (Architecture Building), and was sponsored by Princeton Progressives as well as Students for Prison Education and Reform (SPEAR). The entire presentation is available on Youtube here

PAW covers PPro

[image of ] The 12 July 2017 Reunions issue of PAW contains, beginning on page 32, a story about the presence of political issues during the event, with some attention given to PPro’s fostering the wearing of pussyhats during the reunion, including a large picture of a PPro Board member wearing one.

The brief text says the following:

Some alums marched in the P-rade wearing the pink "pussy hats" popularized during women's marches protesting the agenda of President Trump. Princeton Progressives, a group of alumni that supports progressive student activity, brought the pink hats for alumni to wear.

Also mentioned were the black-and-orange hats of The TiGrrrHat Project (discussed further in the Class Notes for 1982), proceeds from which were donated to student groups.

The entire article can be read here.

Reunions 2017

PPro ran what we believe to be a highly successful series of events at Reunions 2017.

Our panel discussion on the topic “Tigers’ Response to the Trump Agenda”, on Friday afternoon at Terrace Club, featured Dale Ho ’99 (director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project), Nicholas Wu ’18 (Princeton Advocates for Justice), Micah Herskind ’19 (SPEAR), Soraya Morales Nuñez ’18 (DREAM Team), and Mike Hepler GS (Princeton Citizen Scientists), and was moderated by Miranda Rehaut ’16. A good crowd heard and participated in an insightful and interesting discussion.

The panel discussion was followed by a social mixer in the Library at Terrace Club. The room was jammed, and participants not only enjoyed drinks and snacks and conversation, but also had the opportunity both to purchase PPro’s pussyhats and to join PPro.

Finally, the P-rade was enlivened by marchers wearing our pussyhats.

Upcoming events

Become a member

Please consider becoming a member of PPro. Membership fees and donations are our only sources for funds to support the many requests that student groups make of us. It's easy to do, and we think very reasonable; simply click here. Thanks in advance!

Activism Opportunities

Listed here are opportunities for Princetonians of a progressive persuasion to participate in important public activities. These are not PPro events.

PPro Pussyhats

We originally were selling these to be worn in the 2017 Reunions P-rade, which was successful and caused a big and favorable commotion among the spectators when those wearing the hats passed by. But you can still order one for ongoing use, here. Then PLEASE notify us by email by clicking here that you have done so, and your hat will be sent out immediately.

Publications by Princetonians

Our ongoing feature, Publications by Princetonians, features published documents by Princetonians who share our progressive values. Find it here.

PPro is happy to support the efforts of the ReachOut Mentorship Program to identify mentors for current Princeton students who are social entrepreneurs. ROMP is a program of four month (renewable) mentorships, where alumni guide groups of students who are starting socially relevant enterprises. Mentors commit to at least one hour per month of mentoring, by phone, video, or in person. Students welcome and benefit from this guidance, and can make more progress with this help.

To learn more about ROMP, watch video created by the students here. You can enroll as a mentor here.

PPro is happy to publicize the Class of 1978 Foundation's support of current undergraduate or graduate students' community service projects. More information, along with a link to the application form, is here.


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