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Princetonian Candidates for Office, 2018

This list is intended to provide information about Princetonian candidates for office in the 2018 elections. Each candidate shares our concern for progressive values. We have included, insofar as possible, a link to each candidate’s page on Vote Smart, an invaluable non-partisan website that lists contact information, voting records, campaign donation history, interest group ratings, etc.

Office Candidate Link
US Representative - PA 5 Larry Arata '82
Larry Arata is new to politics, and offers positions on a wide range of issues that are mostly (but not all) progressive; he is particularly interested in the problem of opioid addiction.
Vote Smart does not yet have information on Arata.
Attorney General - IL Sharon Fairley '82
Sharon Fairley is a former federal prosecutor and police accountability reform leader working toward progressive change for Illinois.
Vote Smart
US Representative - WA 6 Derek Kilmer '96
Derek Kilmer was a co-sponsor of the United States-Israel Partnership Act of 2013 and also introduced the American Savings Promotion Act.
Vote Smart
US Representative - PA 5 Lindy Li '12
Lindy Li favors a whole assortment of progressive positions, including social welfare, feminism, guns, education, and climate change.
Vote Smart does not yet have information on Li.
Governor - MA Bob Massie '78
Bob Massie, a longtime environmentalist and entrepreneur, is committed to liberty and justice for all, and will fight for workers’ rights and economic equality, initiatives to battle climate change, and many other progressive causes.
Vote Smart does not yet have information on Massie.
Governor - CO Jared Polis '96
Jared Polis is the Democratic Representative in Congress from Colorado's 2nd District. He is a successful Internet entrepreneur turned philanthropist, the first openly gay man elected to the House, and the first gay parent in Congress. He is now running for the governorship.
Vote Smart
US Representative - MD 3 John Sarbanes '84
John Sarbanes has an excellent progressive record and is in a district that has been Democratic since 1921.
Vote Smart
US Representative - AL 7 Terri Sewell '86
Terri Sewell is the first African-American woman to be elected to Congress from Alabama, and the only woman member of Alabama's delegation. She has a solid progressive record.
Vote Smart
State Delegate - MD Jimmy Tarlau '70
Jimmy Tarlau is a co-founder of Princeton Progressives, and a long-time voice for labor and other progressive issues.
Vote Smart
Governor - WY Mary Throne '82
Mary Throne is a member of the Wyoming Legislature, and an expert in natural resource issues.
Vote Smart does not yet have information on Throne


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