Princeton Progressives

Class of 1978 Foundation

The Princeton Class of 1978 Foundation helps new generations of Princeton University students explore commitment to public service through community service projects in the United States and overseas. Each spring, the Foundation solicits proposals from Princeton undergraduate and graduate students. Since its inception, the Foundation has stayed true to its mission of supporting students’ direct involvement in hands-on community service. Projects are as unique as the grant applicants themselves and the organizations they serve. Foundation recipients have helped build homes in the slums of Belfast and reintroduced biology courses to gutted high schools in conflict torn Eastern Europe. They have helped build a library in Ghana and worked on grassroots economic development, eco-tourism and sustainable agricultural projects in Peru, Honduras, and Belize. They have volunteered with community health initiatives in Cuba and worked with organizations serving urban Aborigines in Australia. Closer to home, Foundation-funded volunteers have helped teach younger students academic and test-taking skills they’ll need for college, have briefed immigrants on their legal rights and protections, and have pioneered therapies and programs for hearing impaired elementary students.

The Foundation is very interested in domestic projects that demonstrate a commitment to Princeton in the nation’s service. The Foundation will fund up to $3,500 per project, depending on the number of applicants funded each summer. The application is now available on the foundation website.


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