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Head in the Sand Awards

Princeton Progressives bestows its Head in the Sand Award annually on the Princetonian who most thoroughly defies logic, evidence, justice, fellow-feeling and common decency in pursuit of right-wing political advantage at any cost.

2017 - Andrew Napolitano '72

[image of Andrew Napolitano '72] Princeton Progressives bestows its 2017 Head in the Sand Award on Andrew Napolitano '72 for his lifetime commitment to espousing regressive political positions, postulating conspiracy theories, and embracing historical revisionism.

As the one of the nation's leading voices in March 2017 falsely claiming that President Obama used a British intelligence agency to engage in covert electronic surveillance of Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign, Napolitano was suspended from Fox News, which is no small feat. Napolitano contends that 9/11 "could not possibly have been done the way the government told us", and he expresses a disdain for Abraham Lincoln for reasons that are rejected by responsible historians. Napolitano believes that, rather than adopting rational prudent gun control measures, America should arm its teachers on the grounds that there is "not enough superior firepower" at schools, a long-held position of the National Rifle Association.

By winning this award, Napolitano joins a growing list of Princetonians who have brought embarrassment to their alma mater.

Previous Winners

2016 - Ken Buck '81

2015 - Donald Rumsfeld '54

2014 - Samuel Alito '72

2013 - Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz ’92

2012 - George F. Will *68


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