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Pussyhats for Reunions are Here Now!

[image of PPro pussyhat]As previously announced, PPro is working hard on plans (coordinated with a whole variety of other groups) to get as many attendees as possible wearing pussyhats at Reunions. First invented for the Women's March in Washington on the day after President Trump's inauguration, these hats represent sympathy with and advocacy for a whole range of issues being threatened by Trump's expressed intentions. This attitude is, we believe, directly connected to the inclusive and supportive ethos Princeton represents.

PPro is making these hats (in a light fleece fabric suitable for wear during June) available for the modest price of $20 each, plus $5 for mail delivery prior to Reunions. This is, we admit, a small fundraiser on our part, and our success at it will enable us to carry out more of the many activities we are already engaged in, mostly involving support for various progressive projects of undergraduates. You may buy a hat by clicking on the Paypal button directly below, and it will be sent to you within a couple of days. You do not need to have an existing Paypal account to order in this manner.

Special thanks to JJ Gauss at Gauss Haus, who is responsible for designing and creating these beautiful hats.

We hope that you will consider buying your pussyhat from us, which we have deliberately made in pink so as to recall the emotions and intentions fostered by the sea of pink at the Women's March on the day following Trump's inauguration in January. But pussyhats are available from a variety of other sources. Orange-and-black ones designed specifically for Reunions are available from The TiGrrrHat Project. Others can be found by googling.

PPro's pussyhat sale is not officially affiliated with Princeton University in any way. We are simply a group of alumni who will be attending Reunions and who are encouraging the wearing of these hats to represent certain attitudes. The University has agreed that the wearing of them during Reunions is a valid expression of free speech which cannot be interfered with.

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