Princeton Progressives

March for Science
Washington, DC, 14 April 2018

Noah Mihan '19 describes the trip, supported in part by PPro, as follows:

I'd really like to thank Princeton Progressives for helping with the Green Princeton and Princeton Conservation Society trip down to D.C. last month. It was many students first time going to a public demonstration, and it really helped them get into the groove of protesting. I'm sure many of them, after going on this trip, are going to demonstrate in a lot more protests! The trip went very smoothly, with us arriving there around noon and walking across the National Mall to the large stage set up on the other side of the Washington Monument where there were various speakers including "Little Miss Flint" (my personal favorite). Then, as we started marching, thousands and thousands of people started flooding Constitution Avenue as we chanted. We had multiple sign-making sessions beforehand so everyone had a sign (my personal favorite was 'Newton Not Putin'). It was an eye-opener for many students because we hear about issues on the news but rarely get to voice our opinions in public. Along the way, we even met and befriended a Trump supporter who told us he supported science no matter his political party (you'll find his picture below). It was a uniquely unifying experience. I can't thank you all enough for this. Being in Washington D.C. to demonstrate is really something special.

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